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Talismans and Amulets Insetto Pave Golden Bee Earrings

Talismans and Amulets Insetto Pave Golden Bee Earrings

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These ‘Quirky Glam’ Pave and Freshwater Pearls Earrings are part of the Insetto Collection, a sub collection from my evergreen Talismans and Amulets Collection.  

Bee Talismans are seen as spiritual allies, often serving as wide guardians.  They represent characteristics of innovation, creativity, wisdom, community and love.  Bees also symbolize a yearning for change, strength and perseverance.

These Quirky Glam Earrings are definitely edgy and a conversation starter; a little bit of bling and lots of personality.  They look great with jeans and a white tee and a neck mess or with a little black dress and lots of pearls ‘a la Chanel’.   

If you like to march to the beat of your own drum and make a mark with your own, unique style - these are for you 💕

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