Collection: Celeste Collection

‘For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream’ | Vincent Van Gogh

This is probably my most favorite quote ever. I am definitely a Moon Child and like the Datura, I come alive at night. I am most creative in the stillness of the night and a lot of my design concepts come to me as I am drifting in or out of sleep.

My first year in college, the first class I signed up for was Astronomy. I had no intention of becoming an Astronomer, but solely driven by my love and fascination with all things celestial. I loved that the class was at night and that the huge telescopes allowed us to see celestial magic not visible with the naked eye. To this day I still hold a love affair with deep blue night skies, constellations and ethereal dreams of what lies beyond.

That was the inspiration for this new collection…