Unfolding.  When Our Creative Spirit Plays Hide and Seek.

Unfolding. When Our Creative Spirit Plays Hide and Seek.

Creativity is such a funny thing. Sometimes I plan and sketch a collection to the smallest detail and when I lay all the elements in front of me to begin my work, I become stuck. I cannot execute what I have in my mind’s eye, as if my brain is not connected to my hands.

After many, many years of making, and lots of frustration, I have learned to listen to my creative spirit. Rather than force myself, I put everything away and await for my creative spirit to make itself shown.

In an effort to still create, I will often pick other elements up and try; and out of that nothingness I am feeling a miraculous thing happens….my creative spirit manifests something that I had not even planned. The soul and intuition are wondrous things and show us what can happen when we surrender.

I now cherish every moment of creation in whatever form it chooses to present itself and let it flow when it comes and when I feel stuck in the execution of some of the many, many things swirling in my mind, I give myself permission to step back and surrender to the moment.

Sometimes we put so much unnecessary pressure upon ourselves and I find that it kills the joy and solace I find in creating. I have learned to give myself permission to create at a slower pace, to fully immerse in the creative process, to listen to my creative spirit and be present.

These new pieces were born from one of those ‘stuck’ moments…it is always magical.

These new layering necklaces from the Anand Collection truly evoke such warmth. Dressed up or down, they are great together, on their own, or as an added element to your signature Neck Art ™️

As always, I wish you all a magical day, full of love, joy, peace and wonder.

Thank you so much for making me a part of your day.

Much love,
Mari xxx
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