Somewhere In Time

Somewhere In Time

People often ask me where I come up with my designs and I always say inspiration comes from unexpected places.  Truth be told, I am a day dreamer by nature, my mind is always working.  For me, inspiration can come from something so simple as a color, a movie, something I find in nature, art, historical periods, a poem, a book; anything really.  However, I have come to realize that my inspiration more often than not, comes from the emotion sparked by the source, rather than the source itself; from how something moves me. I guess I create the way I live my life, by feeling rather than reasoning.  

One of my main sources of inspiration is antique jewelry.  I have been enamored with antique jewelry for as long as I can remember. I find the details, the cuts of the stones so incredibly beautiful, but what truly inspires me is the history, the energy imprinted on these antique pieces.  The stories woven within them. What tales would these pieces tell if they could speak? Who wore them before me? How many incarnations have they had? 

I have been lucky to have been able to collect some special antique pieces over time.  I wear them, they are part of my daily jewelry wardrobe.  As I wear them, I think of the artisans who made them, the tools they used, who they were made for.  What they meant to their previous caretakers.  Were they tokens of love? Of remembrance? Were they a cherished family heirloom? I daydream of the lives they touched.

I find endless inspiration in these pieces, not only in the design and craftsmanship but in how they make me feel when I wear them; I allow those feelings to wash over me and then I weave them into my work ♥️

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